4BTS brings diverse network services to market, in order to act in synergy with your company modeling your event and delivering with excellence.

Working side by side with you, team 4BTS projects multiple scenarios and a range of possibilities in order to reduce expenses and minimize surprises upon delivery.

Action plan
Micro/Macro needs
Job deliver

To achieve operational success we are constantly investing in technology. Such as:

Multiple integrations (via web service)
Mobile app
Customized management fields
E-ticket via mobile (SMS)
Service allotment
Hotel allotment and blocking

From terrestrial to airfare services with real time monitoring and BI, 4BTS offers a wide range of tools and solutions to fit your needs.

Terrestrial Services (national/international)
> passengers monitoring (tracking)
> bus rental
> car rental
> others

Airfare Services (national/international)
> airplane charter
> on-line booking and tkt emission
> arrival/departure on-line management
> others

Experienced staff in tourism are presented into all operational chain.

Activities monitoring
Team coordination
Job delivery

Through the modern business intelligence system it enables to extract various types of reports during and after the event. Our platform is fully accessible and easily scalable as needed.


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